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Exterior Cleaning

Involves cleaning, and either restoring or exceeding the original condition of the surface of the car's finish (usually a paint with a glossy finish), chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires, as well as other visible components on a vehicle's exterior.

Most common Exterior Package - SAVER PACKAGE

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Interior Cleaning

Interior detailing involves cleaning the inner parts of a vehicle. Some of the components found in the interior cabin include leather, plastics, vinyl, carbon fiber plastics and natural fibers.To clean the interior surfaces, different techniques such as steam-cleaning,shampoo extractor and vacuuming n are used.

Most Common Interior Package - SAVER PACKAGE

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Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration or plastic headlight restoration is the act of refinishing aged headlight lenses that have become discolored or dull due to oxidation primarily due to UV light and other environmental factors such as road debris impact (stones, sand,etc.) rain, and exposure to caustic chemicals.

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Engine Detailing

Detailing the engine bay can often seem overwhelming and potentially scary but in reality it's one of the easiest areas to care for. Many owners fear they will ruin some part of the engine with a simple cleaning, but the truth is the modern day engine bay is so well protected it's hardly a concern anymore. With minimal effort you will be amazed at how easy and affordable it is to make your engine bay look like new again.

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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating utilizes nanotechnology to create another durable layer of protection over your car’s clear coat. This transparent coat will seal all your car’s pores and make your vehicle hydrophobic (water-repellent) and protect it from harmful UV rays, scratches, chemicals, and extreme heat.

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